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   Welcome  I’m so happy you found me here in cyberspace So, let me tell you a bit about myself....
   i‘m a standingup Storyteller from the wilds of New Jersey that’s been living in San Francisco for twelve years now. 
 if you would like to be in touch 
Send me an email @
come in check out my  bio see who i am 
or you can go to my calendar page to see where i’m performing next. 
And then there’s the ever popular get with me 
page where you can book me for standup, storytelling or just drop me an e-mail  to say Hi. at any rate i would love to hear from you!  
     i am all about about building  acceptance for diverse types all over while telling my truth, a truth i put out there every time i get on stage. 

Here’s a link to a short documentary i was lucky enough to be a part of 
Squirrels Don’t Judge